"We are locally owned

to better serve your ohana."

"Find out why so many families are trusting

HNS for their healthcare needs."

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A culture of caring

At HNS we believe that patient care is more than just treatment. It's the warm smile that brightens your day, the familiar voice that helps you through hard times, and the knowledge that the people taking care of you truly want to make a difference in your life. With HNS you are more than just a patient, you are a part of our ohana.

Personalized support

No two people are the same. So it stands to reason that no two patients will be the same either. At HNS we recognize that every client will have different needs, and custom-fit our services to best support you, the individual.

Excellence beyond measure

As a local business, we are able to hand-pick the staff we work with. This means that each member of our team has met the most rigorous of standards in terms of professionalism, ability, and personality. If we couldn't trust them to take care of our family, we certainly wouldn't hire them to take care of yours.